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Swansea victorious at ESO Intercollegiate Sports Day

The victory at ESO Sports Day 2017 depicts how far Swansea University has progressed over the last seven years developing and maturing, which is visible by Swansea’s participation at the Sports day. I for one have been to three Sports days, first with 14 other students, secondly with 15 and this year I proudly led 55 Swans on the 400mile round trip.

Despite the 4am start: we chanted, drank and played our best – which led to a green and white win – which was celebrated long into the night!

Although winning makes it special it is not all about the win. It is about meeting osteopaths from all different institutes and catching up with those you have met from previous sports days. After all, osteopathy is a close community and days like this cement a lasting relationship.

I would like to take a moment to thank the rest of my Committee: Sarah and Maria and the 55 Swans who participated. I would also like to thank South Wales Osteopathy Society & OSCA as without your support the day would not be manageable. ESO & Florence, On behalf of Swansea University thank you for a brilliant weekend!

We look forward to retaining our title – C’mon you boys & girls in green!

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