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David Millard
Tom Hewetson

In July 2013, presentations were made at Osteopathy House of the first OSCA Fellowship awards. The award has been developed to both reward our profession's shining lights working in the sporting arena, and to inspire osteopaths wishing to work within a sports environment to go that extra mile to serve and promote osteopathy to the wider audience.


We hope that our first fellowship recipients will use their new status to further promote, educate and inspire our profession and future osteopaths to work within the sporting arena from grass roots to elite.


Awards were made to Simeon Milton, David Millard, Tom Hewetson and posthumously to Jonathan Betser. They were presented by Professor Carol Phillips from Northampton University.

Tom was one of the founder members of OSCA and has held several posts over 17 years including Education Officer, CPD Officer and Association Secretary. With a Masters Degree in Sports Injury and Therapy, Tom was instrumental in teaching and promoting Osteopathic Sports Care on the MSc course at Leeds Metropolitan University.  Currently, as Senior Lecturer at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine and Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, Tom provides a wealth of knowledge and experience through talks and lectures to undergraduates and postgraduates on sports related subjects at numerous conferences and seminars as well as being recognised as a published author. Tom has been a consultant osteopath to London Wasps RFC, working for the England RFU, England Select 7, UK Athletics and the British Triathlon association.  He was part of the Core Medical Team at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 as well as the Olympic Games at London 2012. For Tom’s dedication and commitment to the furthering osteopathic Sports care in both the academic and sporting arenas, he was awarded Fellow of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. 

David was a founder member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Assocation and with over 18 years experience working extensively at professional and elite level sports, he has developed an acknowledged reputation as one of the leading osteopaths working within Sports Medicine. A lecturer on the MSc Osteopathic Sports Care at Leeds Metropolitan University, he also guest lectures at various conferences and associations including the Lawn Tennis Association, the Royal Society of Medicine, the Football Assocation, to name but a few. Currently involved as Consultant Osteopath to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and WASPS RFC, David has also held several high level sporting posts such as Head of Sports Medicine at London Scottish Rugby and Consultant Osteopath to a number of well known football clubs (Tottenham, Watford, Fulham) not to mention the England Cricket Team and ATP Masters Tennis. David was furthermore a member of the GB Paralympic Team in Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004) and part of the Core Medical team of osteopaths at London 2012.For his commitment to furthering osteopathic Sports care in both the academic and sporting arenas, he was awarded Fellow of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. 

Jonathan founded the Osteopathic  Sports Care Association (OSCA) in 1995 and was Chairman for 15 years and more latterly the Association President. His frustration at the lack of sports education and opportunities for osteopaths spurred him to form OSCA with the aim of providing education and development for osteopaths wishing to work in the sports arena. His tireless efforts over 15 years to establish Osteopathy as an integral part of the sports medicine fraternity has reaped many rewards. In 2002 osteopaths were included in the the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester.  This was the first major sporting event with osteopaths forming part of the central medical team.   When the UK won the vote to host the Olympic Games in 2012, Jonathan was again flying the flag for Osteopathy supporting the organising body LOCOG and again was the osteopathic lead until his illness prevented him from carrying on. Without Jonathan Betser, Osteopathic Sports Care would not be where it is today.  For his tenacity, enthusiasm, focus and dedication to the promotion of OSCA, he was post-humously honoured as the First OSCA Fellow. 

Simeon has been a member of OSCA for the past 15 years and has held several posts including Education Officer organising post-grad courses and conferences.  He has been the OSCA Chairman since 2011. Simeon has lectured at the London School of Osteopathy, teaching osteopathic principles and technique as well as being Head of the First Year undergraduates.  He is an experienced osteopath within Rugby Union and has worked with teams including Saracens RFC, England U21 and A sides. When Jonathan Betser had to step down due to ill health, Simeon took on the challenge to become the osteopathic lead representative on the LOCOG’s physical therapies committee, where he worked tirelessly between 2010 and 2012 as the Clinical Lead Osteopath for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  With his unwavering dedication to the fostering of good relations and the promotion of osteopathy within a multi-disciplinary environment, Simeon was able to enthuse and inspire a group of osteopaths to provide and promote osteopathy at the highest sporting levels, and thereby fulfilling Jonathan Betser’s vision. For his dedication and commitment to the furthering osteopathic Sports care in both the academic and sporting arenas, Simeon was awarded Fellow of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association. 

Jonathan Betser
Simeon Milton

OSCA Fellowship

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