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FOSCA 2014 Nominations

After last year's first inductions into OSCA's Fellowship award, in conjunction with the University of Northampton we are now asking for nominations for Osteopaths to become the next Fellows of OSCA.


The following rules must be adhered to;


  • Self nomination is not allowed.

  • Candidates must be an OSCA member and recommended by a nominator.

  • A nomination can be made by anyone (even non-members) on behalf of the candidate.

  • The nominator will outline the candidate’s accomplishments and experiences within the field of osteopathic sports.


The award of a fellow will only be bestowed to an individual that is able to demonstrate their outstanding achievements in the area of Osteopathic Sports care, development, education or research.


To submit your nomination please email your completed FOSCA Nomination form to



FOSCA Nomination form

FOSCA Assessment Criteria


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