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Rocktape's Kinesiology Taping programme is constantly updated as they review current research and continue to communicate with clinicians, educators and researchers from a variety of professional groups. They are committed to delivering the highest quality kinesiology taping seminars in the UK and Ireland. Both their FASCIAL MOVEMENT TAPING 1 & 2 courses have been developed to meet the demands of both novice and experienced tapers.OSCA Members receive a discount of 30% on their own (not partner) events.OSCA members also receive a huge 43% discount on purchases of Rocktape.Please email for your OSCA member booking code.

The Running School offer a variety of rehabilitation education CPD and certification courses, which will further your expertise on how to evaluate and correct musculoskeletal and movement disorders through movement re-education.Their comprehensive courses cover both practical and theoretical components of movement and running education and have been developed to provide you with the tools to be able to teach and coach individuals and groups to move better and efficiently.OSCA members receive a 15% discounts on all coursesPlease email for your OSCA member booking code

React Firsts - Sports First Aid Training

Prompt and effective Sports First Aid can make a hugely positive difference to the time and ability of an athlete to recover from injury.  Whilst these courses cover basic life support, the focus is on managing incidents and copetently assessing whether a casualy should be returning to activity or not.


OSCA Members receive a 10% discount on all courses

Professional Events provide a range of high quality learning and development events and distance learning products. We provide top quality training & CPD. Please email for your OSCA member booking code

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The following list of courses are run by external companies. OSCA have negotiated discounts for our members on all of those listed below. Please quote your OSCA membership number when you book.

Courses with discounted rates for OSCA Members

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